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UNLABELLED Saturated fatty acids (SFAs) produce an inflammatory response. Hyperinflammation is now recognized as one of the key underlying etiologic factors in periodontal disease. The longitudinal relationship between dietary SFAs and periodontal disease in 264 Japanese individuals, aged 75 years, for whom data were available for the years 2003-2004, was(More)
  • M C Manz
  • 1997
Vertical bone loss is being assessed radiographically as part of the Dental Implant Clinical Research Group studies through direct measurements on study radiographs taken longitudinally at surgery and recall appointments. Preliminary results and trends for the period between implant placement and 6 months after implant uncovering show more bone loss in(More)
OBJECTIVES Dental caries prevalence is used to quantify inequalities and to target high-risk populations for interventions. Prevalence can be described via measures of centrality; however, some have used cumulative frequency distribution curves (Lorenz curves). This investigation provides dental caries Lorenz curves for the primary and permanent dentitions(More)
A multicenter clinical study of dental implants is being conducted by the Dental Implant Clinical Research Group to investigate the influence of implant design, application, and site on clinical performance and crestal bone. This article reports on the percentage of success up to implant uncovering for different implant designs and the distribution of(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe dental caries experience in the primary and permanent dentitions of Maryland schoolchildren in kindergarten and third grade, with an emphasis on untreated disease. METHODS Data came from the Survey of the Oral Health Status of Maryland Schoolchildren, 2000--2001. Outcome variables were measures of dental(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the Indian Health Service (IHS) oral health surveillance system and the oral health status of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children aged 1-5 years. METHODS A stratified probability sample of IHS/tribal sites was selected. Children were screened by trained examiners at community-based locations including medical clinics,(More)
The loss of vertical bone height over time has been assessed radiographically as part of the Dental Implant Clinical Research Group studies. Radiographs were assessed from implant placement, uncovering surgeries, and recall appointments. Overall, the study implants experienced most peri-implant vertical bone loss in the first year after placement, followed(More)
Diabetes mellitus, is a common chronic disease, and its prevalence in the United States, particularly type 2 diabetes, is increasing. Complications associated with diabetes impose a heavy burden on many people, especially among certain minority populations. Periodontal diseases, dental caries, and tooth loss also are common conditions in the United States,(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether there is a socioeconomic status (SES) disparity in caries experience (i.e., DMFT) in an adolescent sample from Pennsylvania and to determine whether differences in oral hygiene behaviors and preventive interventions account for this disparity. METHODS A cross-sectional clinical assessment was conducted on a representative(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine practices and perceived access barriers (facility resources, attitudes and professional dental involvement) related to oral health by surveying directors of nursing (DONs) in Michigan nursing homes (NHs). BACKGROUND DONs are crucial to NH practice and policy, so understanding their perceptions of oral health care is vital. METHODS(More)