Michael C Gadinger

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OBJECTIVE Placing a combination of a written warning and a graphic image on cigarette packaging (so called "pictorial warnings") is one of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control's most controversial recommendations. Our randomized controlled trial investigated if pictorial warnings lead to significantly higher motivation to quit, as compared to(More)
PURPOSE To investigate cross-sectional associations between main, interactive and gender-dependent effects of the demand-control-support (DCS) model and subjective health in managers. METHODS Data of 424 German, Austrian and Swiss managers were collected at leadership seminars and through presentation of the study at meetings of staff managers and senior(More)
This study assessed the main, curvilinear, interactive and gender-dependent effects of job demands, job control and social support in the prediction of sleep quality. Participants were 348 male and 76 female executives and managers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A multiple regression controlling for age, occupational hierarchy and various health(More)
OBJECTIVE Brief, psychometrically robust questionnaires assessing work-related psychosocial stressors are lacking. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the psychometric properties of a brief new questionnaire for assessing sources of work-related psychosocial stress. PARTICIPANTS Managers, blue- and white-collar workers (n= 628 at measurement point(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess associations between the main, nonlinear, and interactive effects of the demand-control-support (DCS) model and the cortisol/dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) ratio, a biomarker of psychophysical well-being. METHODS Subjects were 596 employees from all occupational levels of a German airplane manufacturing plant. Multiple(More)
BACKGROUND There is an extensive literature linking stressful work conditions to adverse health outcomes. Notwithstanding, the relationship with asthma has not been examined, although various other measures of psychological stress have been associated with asthma. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the relation between work stress and asthma prevalence and(More)
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