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A brief and inexpensive cognitive–behavioral prevention program was given to university students at risk for depression. At risk was defined as being in the most pessimistic quarter of explanatory style. Two hundred thirty-one students were randomized into either an 8-week prevention workshop that met in groups of 10, once per week for 2 hr, or into an(More)
Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (VVS) is a common cause of dyspareunia in pre-menopausal women. Previous quantitative sensory test (QST) studies have demonstrated reduced vestibular pain thresholds in these patients. Here we try to find whether QST findings correlate to disease severity. Thirty-five vestibulitis patients, 17 with moderate and 18 with severe(More)
It is often necessary to selectively attend to important information, at the expense of less important information, especially if you know you cannot remember large amounts of information. The present study examined how younger and older adults select valuable information to study, when given unrestricted choices about how to allocate study time.(More)
Tests, as learning events, are often more effective than are additional study opportunities, especially when recall is tested after a long retention interval. To what degree, though, do prior test or study events support subsequent study activities? We set out to test an implication of Bjork and Bjork's (1992) new theory of disuse-that, under some(More)
OBJECTIVE Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of palatal implants for treatment of mild/moderate obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS). STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Sixty-two non-obese adults with history of snoring, daytime sleepiness, and mild/moderate OSAHS, were randomized to receive(More)
Ageing typically leads to various memory deficits which results in older adults' tendency to remember more general information and rely on gist memory. The current study examined if younger and older adults could remember which of two comparable grocery items (e.g., two similar but different jams) was paired with a lower price (the "better buy").(More)
OBJECTIVES In controlled trials of analgesics for the treatment of neuropathic pain, the primary outcome variable is most often a measure of global pain intensity. However, because neuropathic pain is associated with a variety of pain sensations, the effects of analgesic treatments on different sensations could go undetected if specific pain qualities are(More)
Candida albicans is known as a commensal microorganism but it is also the most common fungal pathogen in humans, causing both mucosal and systemic infections. Biofilm-associated C. albicans infections present clinically important features due to their high levels of resistance to traditional antifungal agents. Quorum sensing is closely associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify prognostic indicators that would lead to stratification of patients likely to have successful surgery for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) versus those destined to fail. STUDY DESIGN We retrospectively reviewed 134 patients to correlate palate position and tonsil size to the success of the UPPP as based(More)
Research regarding how people monitor their learning has shown that ease of processing strongly guides people's judgments of learning (JOLs). However, the desirable difficulties concept (Bjork, 1994) suggests that studying information that is less fluent can result in greater learning. Currently, it is unclear whether people are aware of the potential(More)