Michael C. Diaz

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Sixty calves were assigned to a comparative slaughter study to determine the changes in composition of milk replacer-fed Holstein bull calves from birth to 105-kg body weight (BW). Six calves were slaughtered on day of birth and served as a baseline for comparison of compositional changes. Fifty-four calves were assigned to one of three treatments (18(More)
Leptin is thought to play a critical role in regulating energy metabolism throughout mammalian life. In growing dairy cattle, plasma leptin has been proposed as a partial mediator of the effects of nutrition on reproductive and mammary development. However, the developmental stage at which the plane of nutrition increases plasma leptin has not been well(More)
We investigated the effect of increasing nutrient intake on the responsiveness of the GH/IGF-I system in calves fed a high-protein milk replacer. Fifty-four Holstein bull calves were fed one of three levels (low, medium, and high; n = 18 per treatment) of a 30% crude protein, 20% fat milk replacer to achieve target rates of gain of 0.50, 0.95, or 1.40 kg/d,(More)
To examine the role of thyroid parasympathetic innervation in organ's function, rats subjected to inferior laryngeal nerve (ILN) section were employed. This procedure decreased thyroid [3H]choline uptake by about half. Bilaterally ILN-sectioned rats treated with methylmercaptoimidazole for 4 days exhibited a significant impairment of the(More)
GABA is present in the pineal gland of several mammals, where it is synthesized in situ as well as taken up from the circulation. This article reviews available information suggesting a local, physiological role of pineal GABA. Both the pinealocytes and the glial pineal cells have the capacity to take up GABA from the extracellular space. The GABA(More)
Scintigraphic studies of the oropharyngeal transit of a liquid bolus were performed in 15 healthy controls, 12 patients with symptoms of oral-pharyngeal dysphagia, and 13 patients with neuromuscular disease, who did not have dysphagia. Gamma camera imaging of the head, neck, and upper thorax was undertaken, in the lateral projection, during the swallowing(More)
Static locked nailing was used to repair fractures of the femoral diaphysis in 15 dogs. The implant consists of a 5, 6, or 7 mm diameter stainless steel rod made up of two parts: the body of the nail, in which there are 13 threaded holes, and a piece without holes that contains a slot for anchoring the jig. Good limb function was obtained after less than 3(More)
INTRODUCTION Grafts from older donors or those in recipients with a greater body mass index (BMI) as compared with the donor may develop hyperfiltration syndrome that shortens renal graft survival. OBJECTIVES To assess whether the differences in weight and BMI between donor and recipient correlated with renal function, proteinuria, or graft survival among(More)
Syndrome X is not a well-defined clinical entity. Patients included are those with typical effort angina with angiographically normal coronary arteries and with no evidence of other causes of chest pain. The pathophysiologic mechanisms involved in this syndrome could be a reduced vasodilatory capacity. The prognosis is usually good, but a subgroup of(More)
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