Michael C. Delorme

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We design, implement and evaluate a parallel radix sort that simultaneously utilizes the CPU and GPU devices on the AMD Fusion APU. The parallel sort, referred to as Fusion Sort, partitions the sort keys between the CPU and GPU devices and utilizes the integrated memory system of the APU to avoid data copying between the devices. We identify three design(More)
The ability to safeguard domestic shipping and waterside facilities from threats associated with surface and underwater threats (vessels as well as divers) is critical to ensuring security for the maritime domain. Stevens Institute of Technology has been conducting numerous studies and associated field experiments of passive acoustic sensor applications for(More)
Divers and swimmers pose a potential water-side threat to assets in ports and harbors. Developing effective technologies and systems to detect, localize, and classify these threats is critical to protecting those assets. Once a potential threat has been identified, it is necessary to intervene to either deter or further classify a threat. UUVs are a(More)
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