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BACKGROUND Illegal migration is an increasing problem worldwide and the so-called undocumented migrants encounter major problems in access to prevention and health care. The objective of the study was to compare the use of preventive measures and pregnancy care of undocumented pregnant migrants with those of women from the general population of Geneva,(More)
Increased levels of physical activity may improve the lipid profile, but is this effect identical across apolipoprotein E (apoE) genotypes? A population-based cross-sectional survey conducted from 1999 to 2000 included 1708 randomly selected men and women aged 35 to 74 years. A validated physical activity questionnaire measured, for each participant, the(More)
BACKGROUND Enteral nutrition (EN) is recommended for patients in the intensive-care unit (ICU), but it does not consistently achieve nutritional goals. We assessed whether delivery of 100% of the energy target from days 4 to 8 in the ICU with EN plus supplemental parenteral nutrition (SPN) could optimise clinical outcome. METHODS This randomised(More)
BACKGROUND It has been estimated that about 45% of abstracts that are accepted for presentation at biomedical meetings will subsequently be published in full. The acceptance of abstracts at meetings and their fate after initial rejection are less well understood. We set out to estimate the proportion of abstracts submitted to meetings that are eventually(More)
This study explored the genetic basis of the combination of extreme blood levels of HDL-C and LDL-C, a well-studied endophenotype for CVD, which has several attractive features as a target for genetic analysis: (1) the trait is moderately heritable; (2) non-genetic risk factors account for a significant but still limited portion of the phenotypic variance;(More)
The authors evaluated the contributions of nine genetic (G) variants (selected from 275 single nucleotide polymorphisms in 11 reverse cholesterol transport pathway genes), five environmental (E) factors (selected from 10), and G x G, E x E, and G x E interactions in explaining population variance of blood lipid concentrations. Total cholesterol,(More)
BACKGROUND Describe the recent evolution of cigarette smoking habits by gender in Geneva, where incidence rates of lung cancer have been declining in men but increasing in women. METHODS Continuous cross-sectional surveillance of the general adult (35-74 yrs) population of Geneva, Switzerland for 11 years (1993-2003) using a locally-validated smoking(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to improve upon previously published statistical modeling strategies for binary classification of dyslipidemia for general population screening purposes based on the waist-to-hip circumference ratio and body mass index anthropometric measurements. METHODS Study subjects were participants in WHO-MONICA population-based surveys(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and integrate the assessment of functional foods (FuF; manufactured foods with altered composition carrying a health claim) consumption into an existing risk factor surveillance system. DESIGN FuF market research followed by an experimental FuF intake study incorporated into an ongoing community-based survey. Concurrent completion of(More)