Michael C. Chang

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Neuronal polarity is, at least in part, mediated by the differential sorting of membrane proteins to distinct domains, such as axons and somata/dendrites. We investigated the pathways underlying the subcellular targeting of NgCAM, a cell adhesion molecule residing on the axonal plasma membrane. Following transport of NgCAM kinetically, surprisingly we(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors' objective was to resolve the current controversies surrounding the diagnosis and management of blunt pancreatic trauma (BPT). SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The diagnosis of BPT is notoriously difficult: serum amylase has been claimed to be neither sensitive nor specific, and recent anecdotal reports have suggested a role for computed(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding pelvic fractures (BPF) carry mortality as high as 60%, yet controversy remains over optimal initial management. Some base initial intervention on fracture pattern, with immediate external fixation (EX FIX) in amenable fractures aimed at controlling venous bleeding. Others feel ongoing hemodynamic instability indicates arterial bleeding,(More)
Betel quid (BQ)-chewing is a popular oral habit with potential links to the occurrence of oral cancer. Many of the literature-based studies reveal that areca nut (AN) extract may demonstrate mutagenic and genotoxic effects, in addition to inducing preneoplastic as well as neoplastic lesions in experimental animals. Areca nut should, thus, be highly(More)
Homeostatic synaptic scaling alters the strength of synapses to compensate for prolonged changes in network activity and involves both excitatory and inhibitory neurons. The immediate-early gene Narp (neuronal activity-regulated pentraxin) encodes a secreted synaptic protein that can bind to and induce clustering of AMPA receptors (AMPARs). We found that(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent randomized prospective data suggest that early hyperglycemia is associated with excess mortality in critically ill patients, and tight glucose control leads to improved outcome. This concept has not been carefully examined in trauma patients, and the relationship of early hyperglycemia to mortality from sepsis in this population is(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical utility of right ventricular end-diastolic volume index (RVEDVI) and pulmonary artery occlusion pressure (PAOP) as measures of preload status in patients with acute respiratory failure receiving treatment with positive end-expiratory pressure. DESIGN Prospective, cohort study. SETTING Surgical intensive care unit in a(More)
Correct targeting of proteins to axons and dendrites is crucial for neuronal function. We showed previously that axonal accumulation of the cell adhesion molecule L1/neuron-glia cell adhesion molecule (NgCAM) depends on endocytosis (Wisco, D., E.D. Anderson, M.C. Chang, C. Norden, T. Boiko, H. Folsch, and B. Winckler. 2003. J. Cell Biol. 162:1317-1328). Two(More)
BACKGROUND The use of open abdomen techniques in damage control laparotomy and abdominal compartment syndrome has led to development of several methods of temporary abdominal closure. All of these methods require creation of a planned hernia with later reconstruction in patients unable to undergo fascial closure in the early postoperative period. We review(More)
BACKGROUND Performance review using videotapes is a strategy employed to improve future performance. We postulated that videotape review of trauma resuscitations would improve compliance with a treatment algorithm. METHODS Trauma resuscitations were taped and reviewed during a 6-month period. For 3 months, team members were given verbal feedback regarding(More)