Michael Burton

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Preface This is a set of class notes that we have been developing jointly for some years. We use them for the graduate cryptography courses that we teach at our respective institutions. Each time one of us teaches the class, he takes the token and updates the notes a bit. You might think that, within a three or four years, one would have a rather complete(More)
It is axiomatic to the social sciences, and an essential part of the network perspective, that human performances are intricately linked with their social and enviromental contexts. Researchers in each of the disciplines have rediscovered this in the past decade with respect to a whole host of specific problem areas, under such labels as “context effects”,(More)
Duration Analysis, which allows the timing of an event to be explored in a dynamic framework, is used to model the adoption of organic horticultural technology in the UK. The influence of a range of economic and non-economic determinants is explored using discrete time models. The empirical results highlight the importance of gender, attitudes to the(More)
Female agricultural contributions decline with agricultural intensification. W e formulate a n d test a theory of t h e processes of agricultural intensi fcation that explains a high proportion o f t h e variance i n female contributions t o agriculture. Five variables show replicable effects across two or more regions o f t h e world. These are n u m b e r(More)
Weed control remains one of the greatest problems in agro-ecological systems. An important factor controlling crop and weed competition for below ground resources is the presence of compacted soil layers or ‘hard pans’. In a series of experiments, we investigated the ability of roots of soybean (Glycine max L.) and the weeds sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia L.)(More)
A model of causes and consequences of sexual division of labor in agriculture is tested using a sample of African societies. Crop type and the presence or absence of slavey are shown to be effective predictors of the degree of female contribution to agn'cultural subsistence, and the degree of polygyny is shown to be affected by female agricultural(More)
BACKGROUND Pain management in hospitalized patients remains a priority area for improvement; effective strategies for consensus development are needed to prioritize interventions. OBJECTIVE To identify challenges, barriers, and perspectives of healthcare providers in managing pain among hospitalized patients. DESIGN Qualitative and quantitative group(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Diagnostic codes are used widely within health care for billing, quality assessment, and to measure clinical outcomes. The US health care system will transition to the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), in October 2015. Little is known about how this transition will affect(More)
Division of labor has long occupied a prominent place in sociology and anthropology as the foundation of the processes of economic specialization and exchange in human society. In a recent study, Murdock and Provost (1973a: 203) refer to the sexual division of labor as the "most fundamental basis of marriage and the family and hence the ultimate source of(More)