Michael Burton

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Preface This is a set of class notes that we have been developing jointly for some years. We use them for the graduate cryptography courses that we teach at our respective institutions. Each time one of us teaches the class, he takes the token and updates the notes a bit. You might think that, within a three or four years, one would have a rather complete(More)
Extracting patterns from large amounts of spatio-temporal data is a challenging yet important area of active study. To address this problem we have developed a visualization system that collects and intuitively displays both the gathering and moving tendencies of people in a closed environment. Two distinct graphics techniques were applied to data collected(More)
In 1995, Beck and Katz (B&K) instructed readers of APSR on " What to do (and not to do) with time-series, cross-section data. " Even though this influential paper largely ignored the extensive literature on panel data methods, the simple B&K prescriptions rapidly became the new orthodoxy for practitioners. Our assessment of the intellectual aftermath of(More)
Bug Catcher is a web-based system for running software testing competitions. While programming competitions are a way to engage students, they require students to have coding experience. On the other hand, software testing competitions may reach high school students that do not have access to a programming course. In this paper, we present the Bug Catcher(More)
An artificial neural network was used to optimize the release of salbutamol sulfate from hydrophilic matrix formulations. Model formulations to be used for training, testing and validating the neural network were manufactured with the aid of a central composite design with varying the levels of Methocel® K100M, xanthan gum, Carbopol® 974P and Surelease® as(More)
The research question for this study is estimating the public's willingness to pay for the public goods generated by farmland, and exploring respondents' heterogeneity in their preferences for these goods. The approach used is a choice experiment, using respondents from the city of Wuhan, China. Six attributes representing public good values (farmland area,(More)
In the United Kingdom, outbreaks of Campylobacter infection are increasingly attributed to undercooked chicken livers, yet many recipes, including those of top chefs, advocate short cooking times and serving livers pink. During 2015, we studied preferences of chefs and the public in the United Kingdom and investigated the link between liver rareness and(More)
Wildfires can cause significant damage to ecosystems, life and property, and wildfire events that do not involve people and property are becoming rare. With the expansion of the rural– urban interface in Western Australia and elsewhere, objectives of life and property protection become more difficult to achieve. We applied the cost plus net value change(More)