Michael Bungert

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(E,E)-alpha-Farnesene was extracted as the main component of the volatile fraction of male Viscum album L. Male and female flowers of V. album L. growing on different host trees were analysed by solid phase microextraction and by lipophilic extraction.
Scenario-aware dataflow is a formalism to model modern dynamic embedded applications whose behaviour is heavily dependent on input data or the operational environment. Key behavioural aspects are the execution times and energy consumption of a system's components. In this paper, we introduce <i>flexible scenario-aware dataflow</i>: a proper generalisation(More)
Acyclic phase-type distributions are probability distributions that mainly consist of combinations of exponential distributions and can be represented by continuous-time Markov chains. The computation time when analyzing these distributions strongly depends on the size of their representations. However, because their representations aren't unique, an(More)
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