Michael Bulmer

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The method of generalized least squares provides a flexible method of phylogenetic reconstruction from sequence data, after reducing them to pairwise distances between species, corrected for multiple and back mutation. It gives efficient estimates of the branch lengths of a given tree. It also provides a natural measure of the departure of the observed from(More)
There are many interesting connections between music and mathematics, though these are rarely used when teaching maths in schools. In this paper we look at one example which involves using musical motivations to introduce some mathematical ideas. The aim is to develop a random method for making music which produces pleasant results.
Some students in a service statistics course struggle with the material because they focus too much on the mathematical details and miss the broader issues and relevance to their degree program. It has proved useful for them to have the lecturer narrate a story, which gives a broad overview of the area while simultaneously drawing a rough concept map as an(More)
Wallace's 1858 paper 'On the tendency of varieties to depart indefinitely from the original type' is often thought to present a theory of natural selection identical with that of Darwin. Examination of Wallace's argument shows that it is different from Darwin's because Wallace thought that an inferior variety could coexist with a superior variety until(More)