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We introduce a relaxation algorithm to estimate approximations to generating partitions for observed dynamical time series. Generating partitions preserve dynamical information of a deterministic map in the symbolic representation. Our method optimizes an essential property of a generating partition: avoiding topological degeneracies. We construct an(More)
A symbolic analysis of observed time series requires a discrete partition of a continuous state space containing the dynamics. A particular kind of partition, called "generating," preserves all deterministic dynamical information in the symbolic representation, but such partitions are not obvious beyond one dimension. Existing methods to find them require(More)
The unstable periodic orbits of a chaotic system provide an important skeleton of the dynamics in a chaotic system, but they can be difficult to find from an observed time series. We present a global method for finding periodic orbits based on their symbolic dynamics, which is made possible by several recent methods to find good partitions for symbolic(More)
This paper presents an exact input-output linearization for the translational dynamics of a quadro-tor helicopter. For this purpose the required attitude information is fully given by the orientation of the thrust vector (coinciding with the body-fixed z-axis), which can be described with only two degrees of freedom. To this end a special quaternion for the(More)