Michael Buhl

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A symbolic analysis of observed time series requires a discrete partition of a continuous state space containing the dynamics. A particular kind of partition, called "generating," preserves all deterministic dynamical information in the symbolic representation, but such partitions are not obvious beyond one dimension. Existing methods to find them require(More)
The healthcare field is facing new challenges and opportunities with an upsurge of telehealth and remote monitoring solutions. Hospitals are working with the private industry to develop Web-based solutions that augment primary care once patients leave the clinical setting. As technology enables healthcare to shift from treatment centers to home(More)
Changing and detecting the orientation of nanomagnetic structures, which can be used for durable information storage, needs to be developed towards true nanoscale dimensions for keeping up the miniaturization speed of modern nanoelectronic components. Therefore, new concepts for controlling the state of nanomagnets are currently in the focus of research in(More)
This paper presents an exact input-output linearization for the translational dynamics of a quadro-tor helicopter. For this purpose the required attitude information is fully given by the orientation of the thrust vector (coinciding with the body-fixed z-axis), which can be described with only two degrees of freedom. To this end a special quaternion for the(More)
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