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The method of regularization with additional information proposed by the authors is evaluated in a split sample test which compares it with the least squares and ordinary regularization methods. Data from 30 catchments are used. Additional information is provided by a simple conceptual model either fitted by a regression on physical characteristics of the(More)
  • M. BRUEN, J. C. I. DOOGE, C. I. Dooge
  • 2007
The method of regularization for estimating unit hydrographs is expanded to allow the inclusion of prior information about the unit hydrograph shape. This may give smooth estimates without any loss in volume. The method is illustrated with prior information from a regression on catchment characteristics and with catchment lag determined from the data. A(More)
The theory for the generation method of spatially variable K s fields, using a set of scaling factors of log-normally distributed random field with two-dimensional correlation structure, is compiled from different sources. It is developed further by derivation of computational formulas of model parameters for a general case. The user of the method needs to(More)
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