Michael Browne

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Invasive alien species (IAS) exact large biodiversity and economic costs and are a significant component of human-induced, global environmental change. Previous studies looking at the variation in alien species across regions have been limited geographically or taxonomically or have not considered economics. We used a global invasive species database to(More)
The relevant photophysical properties of single fluorescent molecules and single SERS active surface-coated gold nanostars tagged with the Raman reporter molecule 4-mercaptopyridine are compared for imaging purposes. Mean count rate distributions are built from the single molecule/single probe level. The individually observed variance and count rates of(More)
The system described in this thesis explores the territory between the two classical multiprocessor families: shared memory and message-passing machines. Like shared memory systems, the proposed architecture presents the user a logically uniform address space shared by all processors. This programming model is supported directly by dedicated communication(More)
Typical industrial vibration problem solving includes utilization of linear vibration measurement and analysis techniques. These techniques have appeared to be sufficient with most vibration problem solving requirements. This is partially due to the lack of proper identification of the nonlinear dynamic response in measured data of actual engineering(More)
The Euro50 is an astronomical extremely large telescope for optical and infrared wavelength with a 50 m primary mirror. The telescope will have an elaborate control system (“live optics”) to correct for atmospheric and telescope aberrations. To study and predict performance of the complete telescope system, an integrated model combining the structural model(More)
The recent upsurge in astrophysical research applications of grid technologies, coupled with the increase in temporal and spatial sky-coverage by dedicated all-sky surveys and on-line data archives, have afforded us the opportunity to develop an automated image reduction and analysis pipeline. Written using Python and Pyraf, the Python implementation of the(More)
In recent years, traditional urban distribution systems have undergone major structural changes as a result of the increasing power of customers demanding greater variety of quality products at a low cost. This has increased the competition between businesses and at the same time more complicated and longer supply chains have emerged as a result of the(More)
Introduction An approach has been developed to analyse and collect data, and to measure energy use and GHG emissions in global logistics activities for product supply chains. This approach has been used to assess the GHG efficiency of several supply chains for furniture and fruit (apples) and vegetables, and one part of this approach was dedicated to the(More)
For the past 20 years, the New Zealand Deprivation Index (NZDep) has been the universal measure of area-based social circumstances for New Zealand (NZ) and often the key social determinant used in population health and social research. This paper presents the first theoretical and methodological shift in the measurement of area deprivation in New Zealand(More)