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In Spring 1991, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency convened an expert group of ecologists, economists and other social scientists for the purpose of advancing the state of the art of ecosystem valuation methods. This Ecosystem Valuation Forum was organized as a dialogue because it has been clear from the outset that agreement even on the meaning of(More)
Preamble Syntactic structures have been analysed in terms of constituent hierarchies and also in terms of dependency relations. While these two traditions have sometimes been presented as competing with each other, there is no reason in principle why syntactic dependencies and constituent hierarchies should not both be part of the grammar, complementing(More)
The paper argues for a theory of syntactic structure in which there is no distinction between word and phrasal level categories: the same category will be interpreted as a head in some respects and as a phrase in others. The theory takes the mirror principle to be axiomatic, analogous in status to the aspect of the projection principle that ensures that(More)
1 Representations and derivations – the status of the mixed theory 1.1 Restrictiveness and duplication As set out in earlier work, elegant syntax (ES) differs from the minimalist framework in several important respects. 1 I shall elaborate here some remarks made earlier on those features of this approach that relate to the so-called(More)
The threat of AIDS is widely recognized as an important educational problem, particularly in the college age population. To date, intelligent software has not been developed and employed to effectively disseminate the critical knowledge relevant to this epidemic. Since sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as a group are a personal problem which few people(More)
In this paper I discuss a basic theoretical question: Does movement contain a step of copying? Since Chomsky (1993), Copy as an operation to derive displacement effects has been introduced into the syntactic theory. In contrast, it is also claimed that displacement effects are achieved by the operation Remerge, without any copy operation (Epstein et al.(More)
1 Ristad's problem Much progress in theoretical linguistics has been made possible by the distinction between competence and performance, which is essentially an idealization over the data that linguists work with. Chomsky (1965:3) formulates it as follows: (1) Linguistic theory is concerned primarily with an ideal speaker-listener, in a completely(More)