Michael Brock

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While the emergence of clouds had lead to a significant paradigm shift in business and research, cloud computing is still in its infancy. Specifically, there is no effective publication and discovery service nor are cloud services easy to use. This paper presents a new technology for offering ease of discovery, selection and use of clusters hosted within(More)
A common architecture in today's development of distributed systems is the service-oriented architecture (SOA) implemented using Web services. Until recently, it was difficult to build a SOA based grid/distributed system using Web services due to the inability to learn the state of services. The state of a Web service could only be accessed through(More)
The cost and time of deploying HPC applications on clouds is a problem. Instead of conducting their research discipline specialists are forced to carry out activities for application deployment, publication and ease of access. In response, a new approach for HPC application deployment and access in clouds is proposed. The major innovations are a new(More)
Cloud computing is the most recent realisation of computing as a utility. Recently, fields with substantial computational requirements, e.g., biology, are turning to clouds for cheap, on-demand provisioning of resources. Of interest to this paper is the execution of compute intensive applications on hybrid clouds. If application requirements exceed private(More)