Michael Brendan O'Neill

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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the difficult intravenous access (DIVA) score, a clinical prediction rule, which states that children with a score of 4 or more will have a 50% higher rate of a failed intravenous placement on the first attempt compared with the mean failure rate. METHODS This was a prospective cohort study in children 0 to 14 years,(More)
The Frontier Radio for the Solar Probe Plus mission offers a host of hardware design and manufacturing improvements. These improvements build on the technology readiness level (TRL)-9 radio platform that was flown on the Van Allen Probes mission in a duplexed S-band configuration and several development tasks funded by NASA Headquarters. Prior RF slice(More)
AIM To evaluate the quality of paediatric audits from 1966 to 1999. METHODS A Medline search was performed using the MeSH terms audit, child, paediatric (and pediatric). Predefined core elements of audit were used as inclusion criteria for entry of an article into this study. These criteria were as follows: (1) an article deals with a healthcare topic;(More)
All Irish paediatric higher specialist trainees' opinions about the paediatric higher specialist training (HST) scheme and related manpower issues were surveyed. Information was obtained on 1) trainees' level of satisfaction with HST, 2) their ultimate career ambitions including location of final posts, 3) attitudes to both flexible training and(More)
Consultant paediatricians in Ireland were surveyed to evaluate their perceptions of the hospital audit environment and assess their involvement in the audit process. Eighty nine (77%) replied of whom 66 (74%) had an audit department and 23 (26%) did not. Sixteen (18%) felt their hospital was well resourced for audit and 25 (28%) felt the culture was very(More)
In meeting the needs of a number of different missions, JHU/APL's Space Exploration Sector RF Engineering Group has produced a family of high-reliability, extremely low size, weight, and power (SWaP) software-defined radio (SDR) products for near and deep space applications called Frontier Radio (FR) [1]. With flight heritage on multiple successful(More)
This study evaluated the experiences of non Specialist Paediatric Training Registrars (nonSPTR) in the Irish Healthcare system. The survey explored their adaptation to the healthcare system, skill development, perceptions of training and career development inclusive of working conditions. Thirty nine (53%) doctors responded. The time spent in Paediatrics(More)
It is indeed a challenge to precisely define the term ‘complimentary and alternative medicine‘ or CAM. The National Institute of Health in the United States defines CAM as: ‘Complementary and Alternative medicine is a broad domain of resources that encompasses health systems, modalities and practices and their accompanying theories and beliefs, other(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate uncertainty from the Basic Specialist Trainee perspective. The survey of trainees explored 1) factors in decision making, 2) the personal impact of uncertainty, 3) the responses to both clinical errors and challenges to their decision making and 4) the potential strategies to address uncertainty. Forty-one (93%) of(More)
Sick babies often have an umbilical artery catheter (UAC) inserted. To minimize risk to the baby, the catheter is inserted a distance calculated to place it either between the third and fifth lumbar vertebrae or between the sixth and 10th thoracic vertebrae when checked radiographically. The methods used to calculate this insertion distance require that(More)