Michael Brauckmann

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The extension of 2D image-based face recognition methods with respect to 3D shape information and the fusion of both modalities is one of the main topics in the recent development of facial recognition. In this paper we discuss different strategies and their expected benefit for the fusion of 2D and 3D face recognition. The face recognition grand challenge(More)
In cases of suspected child pornography, the age of the victim represents a crucial factor for legal prosecution. The conventional methods for age estimation provide unreliable age estimates, particularly if teenage victims are concerned. In this pilot study, the potential of age estimation for screening purposes is explored for juvenile faces. In addition(More)
The complexity and congestion of current transportation systems often produce traffic situations that jeopardize the safety of the people involved. These situations vary from maintaining a safe distance behind a leading vehicle to safely allowing a pedestrian to cross a busy street. Environmental sensing plays a critical role in virtually all of these(More)
Fast vision-based object and person tracking is important for various applications in mobile robotics and Human-Robot Interaction. While current state-of-the-art methods use descriptive features for visual tracking, we propose a novel approach using a sparse template based feature set, which is drawn from homogeneous regions on the object to be tracked.(More)
The rising need for security in the last years has led to an increased use of surveillance cameras in both public and private areas. The increasing amount of footage makes it necessary to assist human operators with automated systems to monitor and analyze the video data in reasonable time. In this paper we summarize our work of the past three years in the(More)