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In this article we present results from a 2-year comprehensive exposure assessment study that examined the particulate matter (PM) exposures and health effects in 108 individuals with and without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary heart disease (CHD), and asthma. The average personal exposures to PM with aerodynamic diameters < 2.5(More)
Tetanus toxin binds neuronal tissue prior to internalization and trafficking to the central nervous system. Binding of the carboxy-terminal 50 kDa HC fragment of tetanus toxin to polysialogangliosides is important for this initial cell binding step. Using the three-dimensional structure of HC, mutants were designed to investigate the role of individual(More)
The nontoxic binding domain of tetanus toxin (fragment C or TTC) readily undergoes retrograde axonal transport from an intramuscular injection site. This property has led to investigation of TTC as a possible vector for delivering therapeutic proteins to motor neurons. However, the vast majority of individuals in the developed world have been vaccinated(More)
  • Literatur Akeson, W H Amiel, D Woo, L-Y, H V Bavel, Hu-Son +26 others
  • 2004
The effect of static stretch and dynamic range of motion training on the flexibility of the hamstring muscles. Effects of two stretching methods on the range of motion, passive muscle tension and retention of flexibility. (2001a). Improvement of the range of motion and muscle passive tension during and after long-term stretching training. Gains in range of(More)
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