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The distant core: social solidarity, social distance and interpersonal ties in core-periphery structures
We examine three hypotheses at the foundation of theories concerned with the organization of social space and social solidarity in differentiated groups. Expand
The Logic of Opportunity: A Formal Analysis of the University of California's Outreach and Diversity Discourse. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.9.04.
Since 1995, the University of California has been prohibited from employing affirmative action principles in student admissions. In response to this constraint, the UC has sought to pursue a numberExpand
The complexity of institutional niches:: Credentials and organizational differentiation in a field of U.S. higher education
Abstract This paper examines the emergence and differentiation of institutional categories – distinctions of kind that are salient to specific arenas of social life – as an organizationally andExpand
Dispositif d'accrochage d'un rideau sous une tringle
Le dispositif comprend deux coupelles (5, 6) vissees sur une tige filetee (4) qui traverse le rideau (9). Une zone annulaire du rideau entourant la tige est serree entre des surfaces d'appuiExpand
Language programmes of Haitian educational radio
Answering Darwin's Challenge: Evolution and Evangelicalism in the Theology of Richard Roberts
In his 1998 historical novel, Mr. Darwin’s Shooter, Roger McDonald tells the fictionalized life story of the historical Syms Covington, the young English sailor who, while on the Beagle with CharlesExpand
The Work and Well-Being of Women in American Social Christianity: The Case of Henry Codman Potter (1835-1908)
ONE TASK IN the ongoing struggle for human liberation is the critical historical analysis of various moments in that struggle for the purposes of understanding the origin and development of presentExpand
Historical anticipations of critical theology 2 Why Social Theory Matters for Theology
The use of social theory in contemporary Canadian critical theologies is part of a long and broad tradition in Christianity of conversation with various ideas and forms of knowledge in theExpand