Michael Bouckaert

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Myeloma is characterized by monoclonal bone marrow plasmacytosis, the presence of M-protein in serum and/or in urine and osteolytic bone lesions. HIV-seropositive subjects with myeloma are younger at the time of diagnosis of the tumour and usually the myeloma has a more aggressive clinical course than it does in HIV-seronegative subjects. A case of an(More)
Post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) is the most frequent complication of herpes zoster and often results in significant morbidity and a reduction in the patient's quality of life. The peripheral nerve injury that occurs during the acute phase of herpes zoster (HZ) leads to an abnormal tonic impulse discharge from primary nociceptive afferent neurons which induce(More)
COMPLEX, OPEN MAXILLOFACIAL FRACTURES ARE OFTEN ACCOMPANIED BY EXTENSIVE CONTAMINATION, CRUSH, OR AVULSION OF THE OVERLYING SOFT TISSUE, THERE HAVE BEEN TWO ALTERNATIVES TO TREATMENT: either radical debridement of all contaminated tissue, fixation of the underlying fractures, and soft tissue closure by pedicle flap or graft is done; or more conservative(More)
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