Michael Bochow

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BACKGROUND Measurement of prevalence and incidence of infections in a hard to reach population like men who have sex with men (MSM) is hampered by its unknown size and regional distribution. Population-based surveys have recently been used to estimate the total number of MSM, but these surveys are usually not large enough to measure regional differences in(More)
To assess the situation of bisexually active men in the German HIV epidemic, data from a 2010 internet survey about sexual health among men who have sex with men were used to assess HIV testing rates, condom use and risk contact among the following groups of respondents: bisexually active single men, bisexually active men with a regular female partner,(More)
Die AutorInnen danken allen Männern und Frauen, die sich an der Befragung beteiligt haben, Summary Summary Summary Summary Are people more likely to risk an HIV infection with sex partners they meet online as compared to those whom they meet offline? This question has been the subject of research since the late 1990s in several post-industrialized(More)
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