Michael Blumenfield

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The consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatry services of seven university teaching hospitals in the United States, Canada, and Australia (the MICRO-CARES Consortium) used a common clinical database to examine 1039 consecutive referrals. A diagnosis of adjustment disorder (AD) was made in 125 patients (12.0%); as the sole diagnosis, in 81 (7.8%); and comorbidly(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the safety and efficacy of fluoxetine in patients with renal failure on dialysis. METHOD Fourteen patients with major depression and end stage renal disease on hemodialysis were randomized into two groups for an eight-week study. Subjects as well as investigators were blinded as to which subject received fluoxetine and which placebo.(More)
Nine depressed patients with normal kidney function and seven depressed patients with renal failure undergoing hemodialysis were treated with open-label fluoxetine 20 mg/day in an 8-week study. The study was designed to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of fluoxetine during repeated administration and to acquire preliminary data regarding the effectiveness of(More)
The medical community continues to acknowledge a connection between depression and physical health, for example, cardiac disease. This study addresses public awareness about depression's effects on physical health, the relationship between cardiac disease and depression, and preferred sources of health information, in an effort to inform future health(More)
Sixty-eight patients hospitalized at a tertiary care burn center for more than 1 week, aged 18-32 years, with a mild or moderate burn, adequate social and economic support, and the absence of preexisting psychopathology, substance abuse, or medical illness were studied. From this group 16 patients were identified who had been unable to resume social or(More)
Constant observation (CO) is a technique in which continuous one-to-one monitoring is used to assure the safety and well-being of an individual patient or others. This study reviewed 115 patient charts in a tertiary-care hospital to determine the correlates and predictors of the financial cost of CO. The mean duration for CO was 13.9 days with a median of(More)
Psychodynamic theory can be applied to all aspects of consultation-liaison work. There are various psychodynamic treatment approaches that can have a powerful meaning to the patient. This can include understanding the patient's life trajectory through the elicitation of a life narrative, understanding defense mechanisms, and utilizing the patient's(More)
This article reports the results of a ten-question anonymous survey given to nurses at Westchester County Medical Center in July 1983 and January 1984 concerning attitudes about caring for AIDS patients. Two-thirds of the responding nurses reported that they had friends or family express concern about associating with hospital personnel who have contact(More)
A survey questionnaire about attitudes toward terminal illness was administered to all medical students, interns, and all medical, surgical, and psychiatric residents at the Downstate Medical Center. The majority of students and new physicians surveyed reported that patients with terminal illness should be told their diagnosis--a reversal of attitudes as(More)