Michael Blaschek

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According to current climate projections, Mediterranean countries are at high risk for an even pronounced susceptibility to changes in the hydrological budget and extremes. These changes are expected to have severe direct impacts on the management of water resources, agricultural productivity and drinking water supply. Current projections of future(More)
This study examines the impact of changing climatic conditions on groundwater recharge in the Riu Mannu catchment in southern Sardinia. Based on an ensemble of four downscaled and bias corrected combinations of Global and Regional Climate Models (GCM-RCMs), the deterministic distributed water balance model mGROWA was used to simulate long-term mean annual(More)
We used observed climate data, an ensemble of four GCM-RCM combinations (global and regional climate models) and the water balance model mGROWA to estimate present and future groundwater recharge for the intensively-used Thau lagoon catchment in southern France. In addition to a highly resolved soil map, soil moisture distributions obtained from SAR-images(More)
Since the start of the Holocene, temperatures in the Arctic have steadily declined. This has been accredited to the orbitally forced decrease in summer insolation reconstructed over the same period. However, here we present climate modelling results from an Earth model of intermediate complexity (EMIC) that indicate that 17–40 % of the cooling in the(More)
Michael Nolde wurde 1982 in Karlsruhe geboren und studierte von 2002 bis 2009 Geographie auf Diplom mit den Nebenfächern Informatik und Ozeanographie an der Christian-AlbrechtsUniversität zu Kiel und der NTNU Trondheim/Norwegen. Seit 2009 ist er an der CAU Kiel als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Zentrum für Geoinformation tätig, wo er an der Umsetzung(More)
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