Michael Blakeley

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Neutron diffraction data have been collected to 2.2 Angstrom resolution from a small (0.15 mm(3)) crystal of perdeuterated human aldose reductase (h-AR; MW = 36 kDa) in order to help to determine the(More)
A bond-distance analysis has been undertaken to determine the protonation states of ionizable amino acids in trypsin, subtilisin and lysozyme. The diffraction resolutions were 1.2 Å for trypsin (97%(More)
Protonation states determination by neutron (2.2 Å at room temperature) and X-ray (0.66 Å at 100 K) crystallographic studies were compared for a medium size enzyme, human aldose reductase (MW = 36(More)
Urate oxidase (Uox) catalyses the oxidation of urate to allantoin and is used to reduce toxic urate accumulation during chemotherapy. X-ray structures of Uox with various inhibitors have been(More)