Michael Bieterman

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Microtasking on four-processor CRAY X-MP computers is examined. The examination includes descriptions of important properties of Cray microtasking and an explanation of how to apply it to a program package. The experience of applying Cray microtasking to the general purpose partial differential equation package PLTMG of R. Bank et al. [1985, 1986] is(More)
The TRANAIR aerodynamics code is used as a testbed for developing advanced iterative methods that lend themselves to parallel or distributed computing. In the case of aerodynamics design optimization, a signiicant part of the computational cost is in the solution of large sparse nonsymmetric linear systems. We have implemented a two-level method for solving(More)
The microtasking capabilities of two computers are examined. Microtasking is a loop-based form of multitasking on MIMD (multiple-instruction, multiple-data-stream) computers in which much of the synchronization and control of parallel tasks in a user's program is managed by vendor software. Differences in the microtasking features of Cray X-MP/4 and Alliant(More)
Ordering and incomplete factorization issues for matrices arising from the TRANAIR CFD code. A locally reened rectangular grid nite element method: Application to computational uid dynamics and computational physics. A comparison of domain decomposition techniques for elliptic partial diierential equations and their parallel implementation. Inexact Newton's(More)
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