Michael Bianco

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The pathogenesis of immune-mediated myocarditis depends on genetic and environmental factors. To study the genetic mechanisms, we have developed a model of experimental autoimmune myocarditis in the A.SW mouse. Here we provide evidence that loci on murine chromosome 6, and possibly chromosome 1, are involved in regulating susceptibility. Moreover, these(More)
Ocean acoustic sound speed profile (SSP) estimation requires the inversion of acoustic fields using limited observations. Compressive sensing (CS) asserts that certain underdetermined problems can be solved in high resolution, provided their solutions are sparse. Here, CS is used to estimate SSPs in a range-independent shallow ocean by inverting a(More)
To provide constraints on the inversion of ocean sound speed profiles (SSPs), SSPs are often modeled using empirical orthogonal functions (EOFs). However, this regularization, which uses the leading order EOFs with a minimum-energy constraint on the coefficients, often yields low resolution SSP estimates. In this paper, it is shown that dictionary learning,(More)
Densely sampled dynamic geophysical data are often modeled using principal components analysis (PCA, a.k.a. empirical orthogonal function or EOF analysis) to provide constraints for their inversion with remote sensing techniques. We show that overcomplete sparsifying dictionaries, generated using dictionary learning, provide a more informative basis for(More)
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