Michael Best

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Many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are in need of technology innovators who are equipped to leverage technologies in locally relevant domains such as health, government and education. To create skilled graduates who can build and shape locally relevant technologies, higher education institutes in Africa must have Computer Science (CS) education(More)
Phenomenal improvements in the computational performance of multiprocessors have not been matched by comparable gains in I/O system performance. This imbalance has resulted in I/O becoming a signiicant bottleneck for many scientiic applications. One key to overcoming this bottleneck is improving the performance of parallel le systems. The design of a(More)
Neurocognitive impairments are observed in depression and associated with poor functioning. This study examined the efficacy and the effectiveness of cognitive remediation with supplemental Internet-based homework in treatment-resistant depression. Participants were randomized to treatment or wait list control conditions. Treatment consisted of 10 weeks of(More)
We use structural estimates of time preferences to customize incentives for a sample of polio vaccinators during a series of door-to-door immunization drives in Pakistan. Our investigation proceeds in three stages. First, we measure time preferences using intertem-poral allocations of vaccinations. Second, we derive the mapping between these structural(More)
This position paper presents an approach to computational narrative based in cognitive linguistics and sociolinguistics accounts of conceptual blending, metaphor, and narrative, multimedia semantics, human-centered interface design, and digital media art practice. In particular, as a case study, we describe the Living Liberia Fabric, an AI-based interactive(More)
  • Pierre Bachas, Berkeley Uc, Mauricio Soto, Banco Central De Costa, Rica, Miguel Almunia +13 others
  • 2016
Boosting tax revenue is a major challenge for low and middle-income countries, however there remains considerable debate regarding the appropriate rate and breadth of the tax base. We use the unusual design of the corporate income tax in Costa Rica, administrative data on the universe of formal firms, and a novel methodology, which combines bunching at tax(More)
International development and initiatives towards societal impact have been slowly gaining momentum in the HCI forums over the last few years. A subset of HCI researchers and practitioners worldwide have been working to design, build, evaluate and deploy solutions for the 80% of the world which lives on less than $10 a day[2] and broadly for humanitarian(More)