Michael Berks

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Detecting and classifying curvilinear structure is important in many image interpretation tasks. We focus on the challenging problem of detecting such structure in mammograms and deciding whether it is normal or abnormal. We adopt a discriminative learning approach based on a Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet representation and random forest classification. We(More)
Nailfold capillaroscopy is an established qualitative technique in the assessment of patients displaying Raynaud's phenomenon. We describe a fully automated system for extracting quantitative biomarkers from capillaroscopy images, using a layered machine learning approach. On an unseen set of 455 images, the system detects and locates individual capillaries(More)
The effects of systemic sclerosis (SSc)--a disease of the connective tissue causing blood flow problems that can require amputation of the fingers--can be observed indirectly by imaging the capillaries at the nailfold, though taking quantitative measures such as blood flow to diagnose the disease and monitor its progression is not easy. Optical flow(More)