Michael Berg

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OBJECTIVE To support clinically relevant indexing of biomedical images and image-related information based on the attributes of image acquisition procedures and the judgments (observations) expressed by observers in the process of image interpretation. DESIGN The authors introduce the notion of "image acquisition context," the set of attributes that(More)
—Testing security systems is challenging because a sys-tem's authors have to play the double role of attackers and defenders. Red Team/Blue Team exercises are an invaluable mechanism for security testing. They partition researchers into two competing teams of attackers and defenders, enabling them to create challenging and realistic test scenarios. While(More)
The title compound, [HP(CH3)3][IrCl4{(H3C)3P}2], consists of a tri-methyl-phospho-nium cation and a tetra-chlorido-bis-(tri-methyl-phosphane)iridate(III) anion. The anion has an octa-hedral arrangement of ligands, with the tri-methyl-phosphane groups occupying trans positions. The Ir(III) atom sits on an inversion center with one P(CH3)3 ligand and two(More)
The title compound, [Ir(C5H10NO2)H(C3H9P)3]PF6·0.675CH2Cl2, an iridium compound with a meridional arrangement of PMe3 groups, O,N-bidentate coordination of d-valine and with a hydride ligand trans to the N atom is compared with the l-valine complex reported previously. As expected, the complexes from the corresponding l and d isomers of valine crystallize(More)
A significant portion of the critical infrastructure relies on the proper operation of industrial control system (ICS) field devices. Unfortunately, security solutions for ICS field devices have not progressed sufficiently to address emerging threats. A primary shortfall is the ability to identify device components and analyze their lower level(More)
The expected change of climate will influence agriculture in a multifactorial manner. Up to now there are few suitable tools and methods for agricultural farms and other decision makers to give helpful answers on questions like: How will climate change influence regional agriculture and ecosystems and what will be possible adaptation strategies for(More)
Es wird die Entwicklung eines Entscheidungsunterstützungssystems (DSS) vorge-stellt, das den Landwirt, aber auch andere Akteure der Region, bei Entscheidungen unterstützen soll, welche mit den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels zusammen-hängen. Im Vordergrund stehen Interaktivität und realer Flächenbezug, die die nö-tigen klimarelevanten Daten als auch die(More)
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