Michael Benz

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We present a system architecture for trusted transactions in highly sensitive environments. This architecture takes advantage of techniques provided by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) to attest the system state of the communication partners, to guarantee that the system is free of malware and that its software has not been tampered with. To achieve(More)
Nowadays, large projects are developed by globally distributed developer teams. Global Software Development (GSD)iscurrently not supported by appropriate tools butw ith the tools designed for on-site development. In this work we analyze benefits of ap eer-to-peer approach to integrated environment for GSD, analyze its requirements from selected industrial(More)
Zusammenfassung Peer-to-Peer ist ein fundamentales aktuellen Forschungsthemas auseinandersetzen zu können. Designprinzip und stellt einen Paradigmenwechsel für die ~~~ Summary Peer-to-Peer is a fundamental design Kommunikation in Computernetzwerken dar. In diesem Bei­ principle and marks a paradigm shift for communication in com­ trag wird zunächst(More)
As decided by the European Parliament in April 2009, starting from 2019, new buildings must be so-called net-zero energy buildings. The capital cost of these building systems and thus the potential for optimization will increase significantly. In addition, on the electric supply side, a smart grid with time-varying electricity tariffs may be established.(More)
The efficient automatized application partitioning and mapping process for multiprocessor systems is a challenging task in academics as well as in industry until today. The introduction of reconfigurable hardware in this domain helps to meet the application requirements more efficiently due to the method of hardware adaptation at design and runtime. The(More)
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