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Recently, we began applying Group support systems (GSS) tools to tasks and groups that are uncharacteristic of the GSS research literature. Instead of using GSS tools on tasks requiring a solution, a decision, or any threshold consensus measure, we examined the potential utility that these tools have in the area of marketing research, specifically with(More)
Evaluation of husbands’ and wives’ influence in family decision making is heavily reliant on studies conducted in the 1970s and 1980s. Since that time, profound changes have occurred in the American family. These changes may have affected the nature of decision making in the household. To examine the degree to which earlier findings are still generalisable(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate differences in tactile sensory system function between stutterers and normal speakers. This task was accomplished by studying possible tactile threshold shifts occurring during magnitude-estimation scaling of vibratory stimuli presented to the dorsal surface of the tongue. Ten normal speaking men (M age = 19.7(More)
The Internet is changing the nature of the family decision-making process. With its ability to provide easily accessible information and purchase options, the Internet has potentially altered the decision-making roles of family members based on their interest in and expertise with the Internet. Similar in conceptualization to the market maven, the authors(More)
The purpose of the present experiment was to determine the extent of hearing threshold shift that may occur during an auditory magnitude-estimation task involving stimulus intensities as great as 80 dB sensation level. Also, possible influences of hearing threshold shift on numerical magnitude-estimation responses and magnitude-function slopes were(More)
The Web has wide applicability in the areas of research, business, communication and several other emerging fields. This has led to the exponential increase in the number of users of Web which enables them to access from anywhere at any time. Hence, the marketers are using the Web as a medium for advertisement to attract this mass audience. The(More)
A paradigm for studying oral sensory tactile function through use of single frequency vibration applied to the dorsal surface of the tongue was administered to a group of 10 young black women and 10 young white normal-speaking women. Analyses showed no differences between groups with regard to lingual vibrotactile threshold of sensitivity or suprathreshold(More)
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