Michael Bechtold

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Reactive oxygen intermediates, i.e. the superoxide radical ( $${\rm O}_2^{ \cdot - } $$ ), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the hydroxyl radical ( $${}^ \cdot {\rm OH}$$ ), are generally regarded as harmful products of oxygenic metabolism causing cell damage in plants, animals and microorganisms. However, oxygen radical chemistry may also play a useful role in(More)
[3] Intel Corporation: Intel Multibus Interface Specification. Intel Corporation, Order No. 9800683. [4] Motorola Semiconductors: VMEbus Specification Manual Rev. Β. Motorola Inc. 1982. [5] Siemens AG: Multi-Mikrocomputer-System MMC216 Systembeschreibung. Siemens AG, Best.-Nr. E36300-T61-X-A3 1983. [6] Hörbst, E.; Nett, M.; Schwärtzel, H.: VENUS. Springer(More)
The throughput of a satellite channel communication is depending upon the link protocol. It is well known that the “classical” HDLC protocol is inadequate when applied to satellite links instead of short terrestrial links. Several modifications have been proposed to overcome this problem. The present paper gives an analysis and evaluation of a new class of(More)
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