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The goal of the present study was to develop a porcine spinal cord injury (SCI) model, and to describe the neurological outcome and characterize the corresponding quantitative and qualitative histological changes at 4-9 months after injury. Adult Gottingen-Minnesota minipigs were anesthetized and placed in a spine immobilization frame. The exposed T12(More)
Selecting appropriate thresholds and fusion rules for a system involving multiple biometric verifiers requires knowledge of the match score statistics for each verifier. While this statistical information can often be measured from training data, that data may not be representative of the environment into which each verifier is deployed. To compensate for(More)
Building access control represents an important application for biometric verification but often requires greater accuracy than can be provided by a single verifier. Even as algorithms continue to improve, poor samples and environmental factors will continue to impact performance in the building environment. We aim to improve verification accuracy by(More)
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