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While technological advancement enhances the effectiveness and versatility of mediated environments, researchers have sought to better understand how endogenous characteristics of individuals relate to the ways in which mediated environments are experienced. Although the Big Five personality traits and absorption have shown marked relations with reports of(More)
Executive functioning declines found in healthy aging may impact negatively on everyday activities. Inhibitory control is an executive function that involves the preclusion of irrelevant information and prohibition of prepotent responses. Decreased inhibitory control has been suggested as a feature of age-related cognitive decline. In this study, we(More)
Previous research has linked conservative political ideology with homophobia. Political ideology has also been linked to differences in moral decision-making, with research suggesting that conservatives and liberals may use different values in their moral decision-making processes. Moral foundations theory is a model of moral decision-making that proposes(More)
Guides to neuropsychological assessment emphasize the importance of establishing rapport; however, there has been a minimal amount of empirical investigation of the impact of rapport on neuropsychological test performance. In this experiment, participants (N = 98) were randomly assigned to take neuropsychological tests in either a high or low rapport(More)
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