Michael Barna

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The loses of substance, as a result of malignant tumor removement of floor of the mouth, with or without metastasis in the afferent ganglions, have such multiple and difficult morphological complications, that need immediate and complete reconstruction. From the multiple sources with reconstructive potential of the loco-regional or distant prevention(More)
Lips neoplasm represent 20% from all maxillo-facial cancers, more than 90% being localized on the inferior lip. This paper present the results of the reconstructive surgery on 208 patients treated over 10 years (1984-1993) at the Bucco-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinic from Iaşi. The procedures were different according with the dimensions of the tumor and(More)
In 6 cases of tumors, two gigantic benign and four malignant in T4 having palatal and gingivo-alveolar starting point with invasive evolution into the structure of facial mass, surpassing the median alignment, the authors consider the problem concerning the indications for exeresis, possibilities of removal of healthy tissue and the reconstruction of(More)
A retrospective clinical study (1983-1992) was done in order to establish the frequency of etiological agents in determining peri-maxillary infections and also for evaluate the evolution of antibiotics resistance of isolated bacteria. The study group consisted of 5227 patients with different infections in maxillo-facial territory. Year distribution of cases(More)
Five cases are presented, of suppurated cervico-mediastinitis developed after acute suppurated apical parodontitis of a lower molar tooth. In two cases the severity and the extension of the lesions resulted in a fatal outcome. In one of the cases the patient also had pericarditis, pleurisy and purulent meningitis, and in the second case the necrotizing(More)