Michael Barborak

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The consensus problem is concerned with the agreement on a system status by the fault-free segment of a processor population in spite of the possible inadvertent or even malicious spread of disinformation by the faulty segment of that population. The resulting protocols are useful throughout fault-tolerant parallel and distributed systems and will impact(More)
We present WatsonPaths TM , a novel system that can answer scenario-based questions, for example medical questions that present a patient summary and ask for the most likely diagnosis or most appropriate treatment. WatsonPaths builds on the IBM Watson TM question answering system that takes natural language questions as input and produces precise answers(More)
The consensus problem is omnipresent and fundamental in multicomputer systems. Synchronization, communication , diagnosis, scheduling, reconnguration and termination of a computation can all be solved by consensus. We propose a single, universal consensus protocol that is capable of solving all of these consensus problems in a single pass through a set of(More)
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