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The inter-paradigm debate
A control device having a housing provided with a selector knob and dial arrangement adjacent the knob, the housing also having electrical terminals adjacent the knob and dial arrangement. AExpand
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Linear-collider teams join in rivalry
Two teams developing rival designs for an international linear collider will continue with their own separate blueprints – even though both teams are joining forces at the organizational level.
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Questions raised over future of UK research council
Five senior physicists have written to the UK science minister, Lord Drayson, about the "dismal future" for researchers in the country in the wake of a £40m shortfall in the budget of the Science andExpand
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Where we are now
In reviewing any set of books, it is not often that one has the pleasure of welcoming an obvious classic. There is one here: John Vasquez's The Power of Power Politics, and much of this reviewExpand
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Helium sell-off risks future supply
The US must stop selling off its helium reserves so that the country has enough of the gas to meet the needs of researchers and medical programmes, warns a report by the National Academy of SciencesExpand
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Exploring the Zooniverse
An early pioneer of "citizen science", Chris Lintott has helped to create a whole host of projects that are changing how science is done.
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Sloan Digital Sky Survey tops astronomy citation list
NASA's Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is the most significant astronomical facility, according to an analysis of the 200 most cited papers in astronomy published in 2006. The survey, carried out byExpand
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The video revolution made simple
When it comes to scientific papers, physicists have embraced the Web whole-heartedly – writing, posting and downloading articles as if it were second nature. However, physicists have been much slowerExpand
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UK makes a FAIR U-turn
After having largely pulled out of the FAIR nuclear-physics facility in Germany, the UK has now backtracked and taken up associate member status at the lab, as Michael Banks reports.
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