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We describe initial results which show " live " ultrasound echography data visualized within a pregnant human subject. The visualization is achieved by using a small video camera mounted in front of a conventional head-mounted display worn by an observer. The camera's video images are composite with computer-generated ones that contain one or more 2D(More)
—We introduce a power-aware microsensor architecture supporting a wide operational power range (from <1mW to >10W). The platform consists of a family of modules that follow a common set of design principles. Each module includes a local power microcontroller, power switches, and isolation switches to enable independent power-down control of modules and(More)
This paper addresses the problem of correcting visual registration errors in video-based augmented reality systems. Accurate visual registration between real and computer-generated objects in combined images is critically important for conveying the perception that both types of object occupy the same 3-dimensional (3D) space. Previous augmented reality(More)
Augmented reality systems with see-through head-mounted displays have been used primarily for applications that are possible with today's computational capabilities. We explore possibilities for a particular application---in-place, real-time 3D ultrasound visualization---without concern for such limitations. The question is not "How well could we currently(More)
—Integrated circuit design in the late CMOS era is challenged by the ever-increasing variability and reliability issues. The situation is further compounded by real-time uncertainties in workload and ambient conditions, which dynamically influence the degradation rate. To improve design predictability and guarantee system lifetime, accurate modeling, and(More)
Military microsensors are networked distributed embedded systems composed of a processor, a radio, and sensors used for personnel or vehicle detection. They are most often found in minefield replacement and perimeter security applications where size, weight, power, and cost requirements are quite challenging. In this paper, we discuss the different system(More)
This paper investigates total ionizing dose (TID) effects in top-gated epitaxial graphene field-effect-transistors (GFETs). Measurements reveal voltage shifts in the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics and degradation of carrier mobility and minimum conductivity, consistent with the buildup of oxide-trapped charges. A semi-empirical approach for modeling(More)
A users to interact with real and computer-generated objects by displaying 3D virtual objects registered in a user's natural environment. Applications of this powerful visualization tool include previewing proposed buildings in their natural settings, interacting with complex machinery for purposes of construction or maintenance and visualizing in-patient(More)