Michael B. Ward

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This paper analyzes the properties of the fixed-effects vector decomposition estimator, an emerging and popular technique for estimating time-invariant variables in panel data models with group effects. This estimator was initially motivated on heuristic grounds, and advocated on the strength of favorable Monte Carlo results, but with no formal analysis. We(More)
Red mud leachate (pH 13) collected from Ajka, Hungary is neutralized to < pH 10 by HCl, gypsum, or seawater addition. During acid neutralization >99% Al is removed from solution during the formation of an amorphous boehmite-like precipitate and dawsonite. Minor amounts of As (24%) are also removed from solution via surface adsorption of As onto the Al(More)
This paper examines responses to a national FDA advisory that urged at-risk individuals to limit store-bought fish consumption due to the dangers of methyl-mercury. We investigate consumer response using both parametric and nonparametric methods. Some targeted consumers significantly reduced canned fish purchases as a result of the advisory, suggesting that(More)
The use of hepatocyte cell lines as a replacement for animal models have been heavily criticised mainly due to low expression of metabolism enzymes. This study compares primary human hepatocytes with the C3A cell line and with respect to their response to a panel of nanomaterials (NMs; two ZnO, two MWCNTs, one Ag and one positively functionalised TiO₂). The(More)
The conventional economic wisdom is that improving consumer information will enhance welfare. Yet, some scientists speculate that the Food and Drug Administration's prominent mercury in fish advisory may have harmed public health. Lower mercury intakes reduce neurological toxicity risks. However, since seafood is the predominant dietary source of healthful(More)
OBJECTIVE Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting is a significant clinical problem. The 5HT(3) receptor antagonists are effective anti-emetic medications but approximately 30% of patients do not respond. METHOD We examined the HTR3C gene, which is believed to encode a subunit of the 5HT(3) receptor, for genetic variation and association with anti-emetic(More)
It has been demonstrated that genetic variation in CYP2C19 has a significant influence upon H. pylori eradication rates. We have determined a dosage regimen of lansoprazole that will provide EMs with exposure approximately equivalent to that obtained by PMs treated with standard doses and determined the exposure that a PM would experience if they were to be(More)
Focused ion beam (FIB) sample preparation in combination with subsequent transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis are powerful tools for nanometre-scale examination of the cell-mineral interface in bio-geological samples. In this study, we used FIB-TEM to investigate the interaction between a cyanobacterium (Hassallia byssoidea) and a common sheet(More)