Michael B. Strader

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Here, we examine tRNA-aminoacyl synthetase (ARS) localization in protein synthesis. Proteomics reveals that ten of the twenty cytosolic ARSs associate with ribosomes in sucrose gradients: phenylalanyl-RS (FRS), and the 9 ARSs that form the multi-ARS complex (MSC). Using the ribopuromycylation method (RPM) for localizing intracellular translation, we show(More)
We present a comprehensive mass spectrometric approach that integrates intact protein molecular mass measurement ("top-down") and proteolytic fragment identification ("bottom-up") to characterize the 70S ribosome from Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Forty-two intact protein identifications were obtained by the top-down approach and 53 out of the 54 orthologs to(More)
In the presence of excess hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), ferrous (Fe(+2)) human hemoglobin (Hb) (α2β2) undergoes a rapid conversion to a higher oxidation ferryl state (Fe(+4)) which rapidly autoreduces back to the ferric form (Fe(+3)) as H2O2 is consumed in the reaction. In the presence of additional H2O2 the ferric state can form both ferryl Hb and an(More)
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