Michael B. Stephenson

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This paper describes an algorithm for clipping and capping polyhedrons and a display system for three-dimensional finite element math models to facilitate viewing internal surfaces in the form of continuous tone computer generated color images. A plane is passed through the model with the result that the elements (or portions thereof) on one side of the(More)
The design of a set of benchmarks for evaluating the capabilities of high-performance engineering workstations is described. The benchmarks were designed to evaluate the workstations' capacity to calculate and display solid finite-element or finite-difference data. After the benchmarks were run on several workstations, a cost performance analysis was(More)
American Foulbrood (AFB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria, Paenibacillus larvae. P. larvae phages were isolated and tested to determine each phages' host range amongst 59 field isolate strains of P. larvae. Three phages were selected to create a phage cocktail for the treatment of AFB infections according to the combined phages' ability to(More)
An algorithm is presented for rendering scalar field data which reduces rendering times by as much as two orders of magnitude over traditional full resolution images. Less than full resolution sampling of the scalar field is performed using a fast ray tracing method. The sampling grid points are output as a set of screen based Gouraud shaded polygons which(More)
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