Michael B. Hudson

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INTRODUCTION Atrial fibrillation affects an estimated 2.5 million Americans and incurs an average annual stroke risk of 4.5% per year. Despite warfarin reducing stroke risk by approximately 66%, prior studies show warfarin usage rates to be about 50%. However, the methods that define warfarin as "inappropriate underutilization" might not be sensitive enough(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The development of this position paper is the direct result of an Inland Cutthroat Trout Meeting organized by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and held in Salt Lake City on February 23-24, 2000. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss issues associated with the genetic management of inland cutthroat trout populations as they(More)
– " There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. " (Hamlet, Act I, scene v) " Whoever enters here must know mathematics. " That was the motto of Plato's Academy. Emphasizing the Pythagorean proportions of musical temperament and the calendrical regularities of the sun, moon and planets, classical philosophy used(More)
Facebook use among young adults is widespread, and understanding how it affects romantic relationships has practical, real world implications. Both gender and amount of time spent on Facebook have been associated with online jealousy. Emoticons can be used online to clarify messages and are often used in mixed gender interactions. A series of studies was(More)
Anemia is common in patients with chronic heart failure (HF) with an incidence ranging from 4% to 55% depending on the studied population. Several studies have highlighted that the prevalence of anemia increases with worsening heart failure as reflected by New York Heart Association classification. Additionally, several epidemiological studies have(More)
While the importance of situational variables on ethical decision making is well established in the business ethics literature (Randall & Gibson, 1990) and the cultural psychology literature emphasises differences in how situational context is understood the process of identifying the important situational variables that affect ethical decision making in(More)
This third volume in our ISCANEE (International Scholars Conference on Ancient Near Eastern Economics) / ISLET (Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends) series places the phenomenon of interest-bearing debt in its historical context by tracing its dynamics from Sumer down through the neo-Babylonian epoch, and relating what is known about early(More)
The call for an across-the-board cut in the capital gains tax rate has won growing bipartisan support. Advocates claim that a tax cut would spur new investment, reward productive enterprise, serve as a simple proxy for inflation indexing, 1 and generate additional tax revenue from the consequent increases in asset turnover and productivity. Opponents(More)
BACKGROUND Wasted health care resources have become a central concern in American health care. Heart failure has one of the highest readmission rates amongst all conditions studied in Medicare/Medicaid populations. OBJECTIVE The present study was an attempt to cross-sectionally identify correlates of number of past-year admissions and 30-day readmissions(More)
Waterbirds are a globally-distributed, species-rich group of birds that are critically dependent upon wetland habitats. They can be used as ecosystem sentinels for wetlands, which as well as providing ecosystem services and functions essential to humans, are important habitats for a wide range of plant and animal taxa. Here we carry out the first global(More)