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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This study examines differences in breast cancer survival between African-American and white women to determine whether there is a racial difference in survival after accounting for established influences on outcome, such as stage of cancer, health status, health behavior, utilization patterns, access to care, quality of care, and(More)
The writing portions of the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Educational Achievement-Revised and the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test are often administered when establishing eligibility for special education services due to learning disabilities. The scores on these measures are typically regarded as equivalent although little is known about how scores on the(More)
School psychologists are typically itinerant among multiple schools and often spend up to two-thirds of their time on assessment activities related to students with disabilities and special education programs. School psychologists in delivery of an expanded role service model are assigned to a single school and provide more consultation and intervention(More)
EFFECTS OF ALTERNATIVE SEATING ON THE ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM by Hillary R. Tunstall June, 2009 Chair: Kathleen Row, Ph.D. Major Department: Students with sensory integration deficits may display a hyper or hyposensitivity to sensory information and lack the ability to modulate that input in socially appropriate ways. Therapy balls as a(More)
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