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The accumulation of sugars in grape berries requires the co-ordinate expression of sucrose transporters, invertases, and monosaccharide transporters. A monosaccharide transporter homologue (VvHT1, Vitis vinifera hexose transporter 1) has previously been isolated from grape berries at the veraison stage, and its expression was shown to be regulated by sugars(More)
To understand carbon partitioning in roots and nodules of Datisca glomerata, activities of sucrose-degrading enzymes and sugar transporter expression patterns were analyzed in both organs, and plasmodesmal connections between nodule cortical cells were examined by transmission electron microscopy. The results indicate that in nodules, the contribution of(More)
Bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets prepared by van der Waals epitaxy were successfully detached, transferred, and suspended for nano-indentation measurements to be performed on freestanding circular nanosheets. The Young's modulus acquired by fitting linear elastic behaviors of 26 samples (thickness: 5-14 nm) is only 11.7-25.7 GPa,(More)
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