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—The discrete Hartley transform (DHT) has proved to be a valuable tool in digital signal/image processing and communications and has also attracted research interests in many multidimensional applications. Although many fast algorithms have been developed for the calculation of one-and two-dimensional (1-D and 2-D) DHT, the development of multidimensional(More)
Tracheal intubation remains a life-saving procedure that is typically not difficult for experienced providers in routine conditions. Unfortunately, difficult intubation remains challenging to predict and intubation conditions may make the event life threatening. Recent technological advances aim to further improve the ease, speed, safety, and success of(More)
Our Center develops tools to study nanoscale systems. We would like to control electrons and photons inside nanostructures for new nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices, and to investigate how biological systems function at the nanoscale using techniques from the Physical Sciences. Three Research Clusters address these goals: Cluster 1: Tools for(More)
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