Michael Ayers

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Rigid bronchoscopy, a procedure more than 100 years old, now has been performed in three centuries. The "open tube" bronchoscope provides safe access to the lower airways and has proved to be compatible with newer, more sophisticated therapies as they have been introduced into the practice of bronchology. The twenty-first century surely will provide the(More)
Software Engineering Institute and published by Addison Wesley, copyright 1995, 433 pages including 88 pages of Appendices. This book begins with a review of the history and current status of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). It points to the model's roots in the Total Quality Management school, and its connections to the principles of Shewart, Deming,(More)
When I picked this book up, I feared that I might only have YABOO-Yet Another Book on Object-Orientation. But reading the book rewarded me with some interesting new thoughts on fairly familiar subjects. And it further reinforces some old thoughts on analysis, design, and the quest for universal answers. Readers already familiar with OO will find nothing(More)
system requirements between the developers and the ultimate customers of the system and to capture the inevitable changes in this understanding." (p 81) Meanwhile, the builders may have to somehow unlearn the habits of separating data from processes, and learn instead to integrate these two into encapsulated objects. But the builders cannot abandon their(More)
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