Michael August

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The severity of functional deficits after a cortical infarction often does not correlate with lesion size. The stroke may affect pathways connecting to distant brain regions and therefore may also alter the function of remote parts of the cortex. Remote changes in electric activity, blood flow, and metabolism are called diaschisis. In(More)
Seizures are one of the most frequent complications after cerebral ischemia in patients. Up to now it is unknown which mechanisms are responsible for this. As shown previously photothrombotic infarction in rat neocortex leads to a sweeping suppression of GABAergic inhibition. In this study we investigated whether and to what extent epileptiform discharges(More)
OBJECTIVE In the present study, we sought to identify mechanisms underlying increased oxidative stress in vascular tissue in an experimental animal model of chronic congestive heart failure (CHF). METHODS AND RESULTS Superoxide and nitric oxide (NO) was measured in vessels from cardiomyopathic hamsters (CHF hamsters) and golden Syrian hamsters. We also(More)
Enabling warfighters to efficiently and safely execute dangerous missions, unmanned systems have been an increasingly valuable component in modern warfare. The evolving use of unmanned systems leads to vast amounts of data collected from sensors placed on the remote vehicles. As a result, many command and control (C2) systems have been developed to provide(More)
A 31-year-old woman had bilateral swelling of the parotid glands at 4 months of pregnancy. MR imaging showed marked enlargement of the parotid glands with increased signal on images with long repetition times. A diagnosis of polycystic disease of the parotid gland was made after biopsy and histologic examination. The radiographic and histologic features of(More)
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