Michael Arntzen

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Heterogeneous platforms integrating different processors like GPUs and multi-core CPUs become popular in high performance computing. While most applications are currently using the homogeneous parts of these platforms, we argue that there is a large class of applications that can benefit from their heterogeneity: massively parallel imbalanced applications.(More)
This paper describes a new framework for the simulation of aircraft flyover noise through a non-standard atmosphere. Central to the framework is a ray-tracing algorithm which defines multiple curved propagation paths, if the atmosphere allows, between the moving source and listener. Because each path has a different emission angle, synthesis of the sound at(More)
Although Pyrococcus furiosus is one of the best studied hyperthermophilic archaea, to date no experimental investigation of the extent of protein secretion has been performed. We describe experimental verification of the extracellular proteome of P. furiosus grown on starch. LC–MS/MS-based analysis of culture supernatants led to the identification of 58(More)
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