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CIFOR Occasional Paper publishes the results of research that is particularly significant to tropical forestry. The content of each paper is peer reviewed internally and externally, and published simultaneously on the web in downloadable format (www.cifor.cgiar.org/publications/papers). Contact publications at cifor@cgiar.org to request a copy. in response(More)
This paper considers desired properties and possible applications of audio watermarking algorithms. Special attention is given to statistical methods working in the fourier domain. It will present a solution of robust watermarking of audio data and reflect the security properties of the technique. Experimental results show good robustness of the approach(More)
in response to global concerns about the social, environmental and economic consequences of forest loss and degradation. CIFOR research produces knowledge and methods needed to improve the well-being of forest-dependent people and to help tropical countries manage their forests wisely for sustained benefits. This research is done in more than two dozen(More)
The importance of forest products to the households who live in or close to the forests has been increasingly recognised over the past ten years. The numbers of people who in some way rely on the forest for survival or livelihood inputs is difficult to assess, and estimates vary widely. The authors of this paper argue that these are not the most appropriate(More)
Using a chronically implanted telemetric pressure sensor, we have determined the quantitative relationship between changes in body position and ventricular fluid pressure in normal subjects and subjects with shunts. The method allows accurate, reliable measurement of negative as well as positive pressures. We describe the derangement of postural(More)
Somatostatin-like immunoreactivity was detected by a specific radioimmunoassay in extracts of retinas of Dutch-belted rabbits at a mean concentration of 1.1 +/- 0.1 ng/retina, or 170 +/- 30 pg/mg protein. On both gel permeation chromatography and reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography, the majority of this material was indistinguishable from(More)
Small doses of endotoxin evoked a dramatic biphasic response of opioid peptide secretion into blood in sheep. The first phase began within minutes and coincided with a brief hypertensive response to endotoxin well before the appearance of fever or hypotension. The ratio of beta-endorphin to beta-lipotropin fell abruptly at the onset of the second phase of(More)
(2003) "Intranets and the Creation of Local Community: 'Yes, an intranet is all very well, but do we still get free beer and a barbeque?'", in Intranets and Local Community: 'Yes, an intranet is all very well, but do we still get free beer and a barbeque?' Abstract. This paper arises from a three year research project examining the development and(More)
The bidirectional texture function (BTF) describes texture appearance variations due to varying illumination and viewing conditions. This function is acquired by large number of measurements for all possible combinations of illumination and viewing positions hence some compressed representation of these huge BTF texture data spaces is obviously inevitable.(More)