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This paper considers desired properties and possible applications of audio watermarking algorithms. Special attention is given to statistical methods working in the fourier domain. It will present a solution of robust watermarking of audio data and reflect the security properties of the technique. Experimental results show good robustness of the approach(More)
This paper presents an algorithm to improve the robustness of audio watermarks after acoustic path transmission. This includes a brief presentation of the variety of signal alterations a watermarked audio track undergo in such a scenario. After presenting the underlying audio watermarking algorithm, the involved effects with respect to the correlation based(More)
The bidirectional texture function (BTF) describes texture appearance variations due to varying illumination and viewing conditions. This function is acquired by large number of measurements for all possible combinations of illumination and viewing positions hence some compressed representation of these huge BTF texture data spaces is obviously inevitable.(More)
In this paper, benchmarking results of watermarking techniques are presented. The benchmark includes evaluation of the watermark robustness and the subjective visual image quality. Four different algorithms are compared, and exhaustively tested. One goal of these tests is to evaluate the feasibility of a Common Functional Model (CFM) developed in the(More)
Negative epistasis in hybrid genomes commonly results in postzygotic isolation between divergent lineages. However, some genomic regions may be selectively neutral or adaptive in hybrids and thus may potentially cross species barriers. We examined postzygotic isolation between ecologically similar species of Louisiana Iris: Iris brevicaulis and I. fulva to(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies of the doctor-patient relationship have focused on the elaboration of power and/or authority using a range of techniques to study the encounter between doctor and patient. The widespread adoption of computers by doctors brings a third party into the consultation. While there has been some research into the way doctors view and manage this(More)
One of the most important, still unsolved problems in computer graphics is the generation of <i>predictive imagery</i>, i.e., images that represent perfect renditions of reality. Such perfect images are required in application areas like Virtual Prototyping for making reliable decisions in the costly design development of novel products like cars and(More)
PURPOSE The use of a computer during general/family practice consultations is on the rise across the world, yet little is known about the effect the use of a computer may have on the all important physician-patient relationship. This paper provides a framework for further analysis of computers influence on physician-patient interactions during general(More)